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Flute lessons with Claudia Aizaga!

Embodying the role of flute teacher and mentor for the past ten years has been life-changing for me. It has been a privilege teaching at the collegiate and conservatory level, as well as through non-profit organizations and foundations in conjunction with Venezuela’s “El Sistema.” Working with students from dramatically different cultural, socioeconomic and intellectual backgrounds has helped me cultivate the skills I need to support their cognitive development and personal wellbeing. 


I believe that fostering curiosity in flute lessons allows my students to explore and discover the knowledge and tools necessary to succeed as artists and teachers themselves. Creating a safe space for them to experiment, learn and develop their musical skills is the foundation of my teaching approach. Especially in group settings like masterclasses, flute choir and chamber music coachings, I find that facilitating a sense of community and belonging is essential. Cultivating a secure environment helps my students listen actively, develop self-confidence, collaborate musically, think critically, give constructive feedback and self-assess. 

I strive to be the best role model possible to my students by embracing the process of teaching them and growing myself, and reminding them that the process is the goal. I aspire to be a teacher who instills inspiration and dedication for the arts in the students I encounter.  

For Inquiries about my studio, email me: 

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